Invisalign Teen™

Our Invisalign Teen™ treatment is an option we are proud to provide you and your family.

Invisalign Teen™ is ideal for any teen that has shed all baby teeth and has secondary molars that are at least partially erupted. This is normal for most teens. A visit with Dr. Allen can confirm your candidacy.

The length of treatment will vary, depending on the severity of the case; however, an average case is completed in about twelve months. 

Invisalign Teen™ uses 3-D computer imaging technology to map a complete treatment from start to finish, and a series of custom-made aligners are produced. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks, while teeth are gradually moved into position.

Invialsign™ Benefits vs. Metal Braces:

  • Aligners are virtually invisible, so you can always feel confident showing your smile!
  • Aligners are comfortable and smooth, made from a lightweight plastic material. There will be no rubbing, cutting, or irritation from wires or metal brackets.
  • Aligners are removable, which means NO food restrictions, and very easy brushing and flossing. Your aligners will not prevent you from playing an instrument or sports.

When choosing Invisalign Teen™, remember that there MUST be a commitment to wear the aligners for twenty to twenty-two hours daily for the duration of treatment!

Madison, 15

"My experience with braces has been way better than my brother's because I wore my rubber bands. Dr. Allen has been great!"

- Madison, 15

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