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Adult Patients

Many of our adult patients ask us, “Am I too old for braces?” The answer is, No!

Adult Patients

Every day in the office of Marc Allen Orthodontics you will run into patients of all ages. One of the most rewarding groups for the team are those that are seeking the best treatment on their own, driving themselves to the appointments, and paying for the treatment themselves. We pride ourselves on the amazing changes we make in adult smiles. Dr. Allen is continually learning the most current progressive treatment options for adults. His talent with multidisciplinary care is a product of his persistent demands of all the parties involved to plan and provide the best treatment available. 


Q: Why should you trust that Dr. Allen knows adult treatment?

A: Dr. Allen is one of three full-time orthodontists in North Carolina that has completed an extra two years of training beyond his doctorate, masters, and residency studying functional occlusion and its diversity seen in adult occlusal schemes. This program, known as The Roth/Williams International Center of Functional Occlusion, focuses on management of the temporomandibular joint, the stabilization of deranged joints, functional arrangement of the severely worn dentition, and the reproducibility of joint position relative to occlusion. Moreover, he continues to study with the Spear Continuing Education Center in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as various continuing education courses in periodontics and restorative dentistry in order to ensure that you are having the most current treatment modalities offered by all the Dentists and Periodontists involved in your treatment. Dr. Allen is also in his 14th year as the orthodontist for one of the country's leading study clubs, as recognized by The Spear Center leaders, located in Charlotte and includes some of the area's leading Dentists, Periodontists, and Surgeons.



Q: Will my teeth move like a teenager’s teeth?

A: In general, yes. Bone density does change over time but most teeth despite this change will move to better occlusal designs. Medications do alter our goals, but those differences can be accounted for and made to work with an ideal plan.


Q: How long will it take?

A: Treatment times are nearly the same as with a teenager. Oftentimes, because we are often considering fewer teeth in the older population, treatment goals are refined to be even faster than teenagers.    



Q: Can you just fix my bottom teeth or only my top teeth?

A: Yes, any compromises associated with only treating the top or the bottom will be thoroughly explained so you can make an educated decision. Invisalign is an option that often times is a great treatment modality for single arch treatment. 



Q: Can you widen my smile and make it more youthful?

A: Yes, smiles can be widened even in the adult mouth. Smiles where teeth were previously extracted can also be made wider without surgery. 



Q: Do braces help with sleep apnea?

A: Yes, one of the components of sleep apnea is the size of the airway. Lower jaw position influences the ease in which air flows in the throat, by correcting the relationship between upper and lower teeth, the jaw can be repositioned into its correct position when the retrusion is due to orthodontic-ally over-retracted front teeth. Many surgical options are also available which provide for predictable decrease in episodes and snoring.

Shamar, 16

It is so cool to be here. They make braces look good even though they suck to have. But its all worth it in the end!

- Shamar, 16

Adult Patients

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