Wearing Braces

Life With Braces

At first, your braces may feel like they “stick out”; but with time, you will get used to them.

Life With Braces

Your teeth may even feel loose, and you might experience some initial discomfort from the appliance. In the meantime, you can use wax to help alleviate any irritation to your lips or cheeks.

 It is more important than ever to brush and floss your teeth when you have braces, and Dr. Allen and his team will show you how to brush and floss properly with your braces. It is very important that you continue to see your regular dentist for cleanings while undergoing treatment.

While you have braces, it is very important that you avoid the foods listed below:

  • Hard, chewy and crunchy foods
  • Popcorn
  • Chewing gum

These foods can damage your braces, and may require more trips to the orthodontist for repairs.

 Braces will not affect you playing sports, but we do advise that you be more careful.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your braces or orthodontic appliances, please feel free to contact Dr. Allen or any of our staff and we’ll be happy to advise you!

Shamar, 16

It is so cool to be here. They make braces look good even though they suck to have. But its all worth it in the end!

- Shamar, 16

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