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We are orchestrated to give you the confidence you need to keep you motivated. We ensure your smile will be part of your everything.

We pride ourselves in providing the finest orthodontic care using the latest technology in a warm, welcoming setting.

We offer a full range of orthodontics for the whole family and offer the latest technology with self-ligating brackets, tads, herbsts, Invisalign and laser tissue management.

For your convenience, appointments start as early as 7 am. We even have lunch time appointments available. We also have someone on call after hours in the event of an orthodontic emergency.

We don't believe in assembly-line orthodontics.

We spend quality time with you, getting to know you, listening to your concerns and answering your questions.

Our goal here at Marc Allen Orthodontics is to know you and your life, not just your teeth.

Be sure to always let us know how we can help with your community events and fundraisers. We love to be included; it’s all part of how we care for you.

Thanks Dr.Allen!

"Fabulous.  Oh and the teeth?  Of course they're beautiful!"

- Thanks Dr.Allen!

Adult Patients

Adult Patients

We offer you solutions that can help eliminate discomfort & embarassment.

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