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Eco-Friendly Office

Just like this headline, Mother Nature barely knows we’re here.

Our Energy Savings Equals:

3.99 MWh

156 Houses

2.75 Tons of Trash

84 Trees

Good for the Environment.
Good for You.

Marc Allen and his staff have engineered the first fully green dental facility in North Carolina — and only the second on the planet. We’re committed to leaving a small carbon footprint and a better world for our children.

So, what does “Green” mean anyway?

Marc Allen Orthodontics has chosen to purchase supplies and peripherals necessary to operate from fellow “green” businesses to the best of our ability.  All of our drinking cups are sourced from a reputable eco-friendly business.   We decreased our usage of paper towels/napkins by 75% with the installation of hand dryers in our patient bathroom.   The office in general is a paperless office, marked by digital xrays and the use of ipads for all interactions amongst staff and patients.

Steam sterilization is used en toto to ensure the safety of our patients and team and to recognize the toxicity associated with cold sterile liquids.  Our liquid cleaning supplies are 98% naturally derived. For hard surface management along with various other demands, we have chosen OPTIM 33.

Green reusable pouches are used to store and sterilize all specialty appliances and instruments.  We have eliminated all use of paper and plastic barriers in favor of a spray/wipe/spray method using OPTIM 33.  This technique eliminated nearly 200 barriers a day.

We are orchestrated to give consumers the confidence they need in their efforts to support a greener America while seeking a functionally stable and esthetically pleasing smile.   Our team is motivated to consider the best interest of the planet when choosing the products we use to deliver, sterilize, and manage the tools and space with which we operate.   Your smile will be a result of smart and stable environmentally conscience systems.