Admiring a Set of Teeth

Sometimes it’s nice to just admire a set of teeth without the face, without the personality, without the compliance history, without the initial photos, without the medical history, without the emotional ties……just plain teeth. I don’t like showing JUST teeth because it never tells the whole truth.

Most dentists and patients don’t get to see what we expect to see with every removal unless they routinely refer us or they have many children. My goal is to treat every patient as if I were making a first impression every time. I also aim to make the referral a brainless process for dentists, allowing them to refer with confidence that the finish for that patient will be the best possible.
Oral Surgeons rarely get to see our skills and the only ones that do are the ones WE refer our patients to for various surgeries. I am very faithful and dependent on quality and patient experiences for these referrals. I do not look at their lists of accolades, memberships or certifications. I look at the proof and results with patients, their honesty, and my findings. I pass no subjective judgment.

Endodontists don’t get to see our finishes unless we lose a tooth during treatment, and that has happened 2 times in 15 years because of unknown, unidentifiable reasons. The only other time endodontists see the finishes is if I treat them or their family members.

Periodontists get to see a lot of my work because I believe strongly that a case isn’t complete without periodontal finishing, detailing and maintenance. They KNOW.

Physicians hear the vibe that runs amongst us medical professionals about which ones care, who works hard daily, and who continues to give 100% with every patient despite race, sex, age, or memberships and dues paid. They KNOW.

Parents of multiple children who have entrusted me over the past 15 years see over 10 years of stability and understand our drive to be the best KNOW.

New patients’ decisions to choose the correct orthodontist for themselves should be based on the same methodology I use to build my business. During decision-making times, surround yourself with those that know. If you have to be convinced with titles, certificates, those people don’t know.

These teeth have no faces. They have no opinion. They don’t know what I wear, where I eat, my kids’ names, or where I place my faith. They just had braces removed two weeks ago. They simply know they’re right.