Dr. Allen is Giving Away Sonicare Kids’ Toothbrushes!!

The Sonicare Kids’ Rechargeable Toothbrush won’t solve all of your parenting problems, but it sure will make bedtime a lot easier and more fun for everyone.

Dr. Allen started using the Sonicare brush on his own kids’ teeth last week, and was astonished at what a difference it made. Who knew a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old could enjoy brushing so much? Not only was the brush comfortable and easy to use (it has different speed settings and brush head sizes for all ages), but the brush timer, musical tones, and interchangeable color panels made it lots of fun, too!

Not only that, but the Sonicare cleans at a distance. The bristles don’t even have to touch the tooth in order to polish your toddler’s teeth to a high-shine finish. Now, that’s some neat technology!

Dr. Allen wants all the parents and kids who come to Marc Allen Orthodontics to have a bette nighttime experience, too. After all, a more relaxed bedtime means a better night, better sleep and better health for everyone! If you have little kids who are raising a ruckus at bedtime, now is your chance to quiet things down. Big brothers and sisters with braces on, tell us why your little screaming sibling WITHOUT braces on could benefit from a kids’ Sonicare. The three best 3-5 line entries, as judged by Dr. Marc Allen, will win a free Sonicare for the author’s little brother or sister.