Everybody’s Got a Guy

If the commitment to your “guy” seems never ending, don’t be afraid to reinvest into your wellness.

Remember when I used to glide around the office on my scooter? If you missed those skater flash back days of mine, ask me to see a picture of my bionic foot.

To make a long story short, one of the Medical Doctors told me I’d never walk again after that serious of an injury. Determined to prove him wrong, I sought out every form of treatment in the world. The magic concoction that proved successful was removal of all the hardware, along with a combination of Dr. Matthew Hargreaves’ (my personal witch doctor) treatment in conjunction with with my own stem cells re-injected, and Bi-weekly Thai foot reflexology and yoga with Elaina Wagner (local Yogi).

Dr. Hargreaves is a chiropractor by training, but he practices neurokinetics. After seeing 4 other chiropractors, I found his “latest & greatest” to be the best fit for my needs.

Ever since I’ve known him, he has invested significant time and money into figuring out the “WHY’s”. WHY do patients not get better with traditional care? WHY does a patient keep having the same issue repeat itself? His work continues to knock my orange socks off with each visit. What can take months to get better with traditional care, can be cleared up in a week! That is “WHY” I call him my witch doctor!

Now, I have a source for my WHY’s for my patients in need. Dr. Hargreaves gets rave reviews daily from my patients. Not a week goes by that a parent of a patient, or patients say…. “thank you so much, I can walk with no pain”… “Plantar fasciitis was cured in days” or “I’ve had back pain for years and it went away days after I met him.” Recently, I’ve started to hear “I can actually open my mouth all the way.”

My surgery patients are now required to see Dr. Hargreaves after surgery to ensure a balanced, functional pattern of the jaw joint. The cutting edge therapy, which may only take 5 minutes to perform, has already changed many lives in my practice. Those that were once committed to costly, invasive, and unpredictable treatment regiment are now able to safely avoid those procedures while still attaining great results. It has changed my daily practice life knowing there is an answer when I don’t have one.

I can walk. You too can overcome your challenges with the right team. I only want the “THE BEST” for my family of patients. Thank you for being a great patient and for putting your trust in me. And thank you for sending quality people like you to the office. I won’t stop until they are complete.