First Impressions Last a Lifetime

How important is the first visit?

The ladies at Marc Allen Orthodontics have an enormous impact on a child’s opinions and reactions at all future appointments with any health care provider.

Dr. Allen loves kids, is a big kid, and after years of camp counseling, assistant boy scout leadership roles, various coaching positions, being a big brother, a loving dad and husband, and carrying a degree in psychology, we can safely put our fears of the “doctor” away.

Dr. Allen chooses all his ladies at Marc Allen Orthodontics based on heart and balance first. He emphasizes the need for a genuine smile, and loves the dream of parenthood, puppy passion or the presence of motherhood in all of them.

Diversity and emotional intelligence crosses his brain next followed lastly by fine motor skills. As you may know, he has spent months and months turning down interviewees who are extremely talented in orthodontics, only to cause havoc on your schedules (we are sorry!!).

Dr. Allen expects each lady to bring their best each day which includes all of these qualities. We consider your child’s concerns just as important as our own family’s. After all, we aim to due unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Congratulations Madison on your new braces today. You made it!