I Will Not Disappoint You

You see differences in your friends when they get their braces off. You feel your own teeth work and look better when you get your braces off.

Your new smile motivates you and helps you become “your everything” for yourself and others.

It is a joy to see all the smiles I create everyday. It is a blessing to have the ability to assist in developing a beautiful you inside and outside. It is an honor to work with great ladies and to ensure their love for the place they spend most of their hours.

Orthodontics is a choice and a privilege. Give yourself the tools necessary to choose your orthodontist correctly.

Because orthodontists all across the world only see 20-40 patients in residency and most of those aren’t finished when they graduate, it is important to make your decision to be part of an office that has invested time and money into their education after graduation. It is important to choose a home where you know the pride and confidence in the job at hand is second nature for the team and the Doctor.

Never assume, “they must know what they’re doing….they have a degree.” There’s a first and last in every class. You want the best and the one that strives to be the best forever.

Braces aren’t cheap. Only one out of three in my family got braces when we were young.

Choose Marc Allen Orthodontics because we are truth, we are real, we are great at what we do and your neighbor knows it. We are 15 years of striving to be the best orthodontist, not just the one down the street from your house.

Thank you for your choice and for your educated decision and for the privilege.

I will not disappoint you.

-Dr. Marc Allen, DDS