It’s A Small World

Dr. Allen has been going to Tommy’s Tailoring, a Charlotte based tailoring business, for years. Tommy’s Tailoring has been helping people in the Charlotte area look their best for over three decades. And it’s a small world because Tommy Tailoring’s Andy Rigas and Dr. Allen have been friends for years and on Dr. Allen’s most recent visit he ran into a celebrity: Emily Maynard.

Emily Maynard, a Charlotte native, is this season’s lucky lady as The Bachelorette. Emily, the mother of a young daughter named Ricky, convinced producers of The Bachelorette to let her film her Bachelorette season in Charlotte, so that she could say goodnight to her daughter every night and still be able to find true love.

Throughout the season of The Bachelorette, Dr. Allen and his team have been keeping up with each guy who receives a rose and has been patiently waiting for Emily’s final rose decision. The Bachelorette season finale is this Sunday night on ABC. Marc Allen Orthodontics hopes that after Emily makes her final decision, she will have the husband that will make her life complete.

Emily started The Bachelorette season with 25 men and now there are just two men left. Sunday night, Emily will make a difficult decision. Who will she chose to be her husband and stepfather to Ricky? Racecar driver, Arie or the entrepreneurand People Water founder, Jef? We wonder if Dr. Allen picked up any hints about the lucky man Emily chooses…

Speaking of Jef, it looks like he got some hairstyle tips from Dr. Allen. No offense Jef, but Marc Allen’s hair-do seems to work more angles than yours. Maybe you should visit Marc Allen Orthodontics in Huntersville and learn a thing or two from Dr. Allen himself!

Everyone at Marc Allen Orthodontics has all of their fingers crossed for Jef to be the winner, not just because of his hair… well maybe mostly because of his awesome hair. But ultimately, the Marc Orthodontics staff just hopes that Emily finds the loving husband she deserves!