Could Teeth Be Causing Your Headaches?

Ever look at a friend and think, “She didn’t need braces, her teeth looked great.”

Keri is that friend.

On first glance, her smile was nice. She had braces as a child. However, after a short chat, you’d learn that she’d been plagued with headaches and jaw pain for over a decade.

Never did she think her teeth were the culprit.

Dr. Allen is versed in a technique known to dentists as the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) philosophy. As you’ve heard Dr. Allen say before, knowledge of all the dental philosophies is key to giving patients a full mouth reconstruction. We are only as great as our personal exposures and investigations. A one-tract minded dentist/orthodontist is not your friend.

Keri underwent pre-orthodontic “orthotic” treatment with her LVI trained dentist. This created a pain-free environment Dr. Allen had to stabilize after the year of prep work by the dentist. “It couldn’t be harder to do. Maintaining a joint position in a patient and moving teeth into a new position to hold the jaw there rather than the jaw adjusting to the movement of the teeth is a science not many are willing to understand. “

Keri finished orthodontic treatment with Marc Allen Orthodontics in 18 months. She has been pain free since the 2nd month of treatment as Dr. Allen promised her. Now 3 years later, her teeth are the exact same as Dr. Allen left them, equilibrated into ideal function. The pain has never returned.

We call this a huge success. Congratulations Keri!