Less Pain and Straight Teeth, Faster

So, you’re telling me that I can have teeth that are more straight, it will be less painful and happen quicker? This has to be too good to be true. Nope it’s true, researchers are reporting that a naturally occurring hormone called recombinant human relaxin may be able to cut orthodontic treatment time in half by biochemically moving teeth faster and with less pain.

Relaxin is already used to loosen and stretch pelvic ligaments for women who are preparing for birth. The hormone softens collagen and elastin in the tissues, relaxing strong cord-like fibers.

Researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesvilles are studying whether or not the use of relaxin can accelerate tooth movement and to prevent the migration back to their original position post-braces.

Results are still indefinite, but future research green-lit by the FDA may soon provide an solution for the associated pain the lengthiness of having braces.

Though this is an incredible breakthrough, the Marc Allen Orthodontic team is sure that our patients would turn down the relaxin treatment since our service is sooo painless and quick 🙂