Marc Allen Orthodontics Joins Dentistry’s Green Future

Marc Allen Orthodontics is proud to announce that Dr. Marc Allen has joined the Eco-Dentistry Association, dentistry’s green membership organization!

Green dentistry is a high-tech approach that reduces the environmental impact of dental practices and encompasses a service model for dentistry that supports and maintains wellness.

Dr. Allen has pledged to take the extra steps necessary to re-think every aspect to ensure that Marc Allen Orthodontics’ is a part of the solution and a leader in helping transform dentistry by assisting each patient in achieving and maintaining their long term dental health and beautiful smile, while doing our part to make sure Marc Allen Orthodontics’ practices are as Earth-friendly as possibly.

Marc Allen Orthodontics is committed to bringing you the highest quality of care. Our green initiatives support the well-being and health of our patients as well as our planet, by protecting our local water supplies, lowering our energy consumption, and reducing what we send to landfills.

Marc Allen Orthodontics encourages you to join the “Save 90 A Day” campaign on Facebook and turn off the water while brushing your teeth. This saves 90 glasses of water every day. It’s easy, it’s free and its something all of us can do right now.

For more information on the Eco-Dentistry Association and what it means to “go green” in dentistry, please visit