Nominate Dr. Allen for his excellence in orthodontic care!

We have all experienced the joys of having Dr. Allen as our orthodontist, now we have the opportunity to show him how much we appreciate his hard work and dedication.

Best of 2012: Orthodontists will be wrapping up the nomination process soon, on May 11, and who better to represent the region than Marc Allen? Dr. Allen has never settled for mediocrity. Not only does he push himself to achieve the highest results, he pushes everyone around him. From inspiring our staff to lead a healthier lifestyle, to assuring that his office has a diminishing carbon foot-print, Dr. Allen is the epitome of “best of” and always reaching for higher standards.

If Dr. Allen has inspired you, motivated you, or simply made you smile please take a couple minutes to nominate him for this prestigious award.

Please Note: Nominations have closed for this award.