Surgical Orthodontics with Marc Allen

MAO pushes the limits on technology in orthodontics. Dr. Allen has invested 15 years into understanding the surgical approach.

Dr. Allen’s extensive continuing education, The Roth-Williams Institute for Functional Occlusion, he completed over a 2 year period included many hours of how to, what if, when is this best, what is most predictable, how to plan for the future, etc… with surgical treatment plans.

Dr. Allen is a part of the Arnett Surgical Continuing Education Group. This international group meets annually to discuss the latest and greatest. Dr. Allen spent 12 years meeting monthly with some of Charlotte’s best of the best dentists to discuss treatment plan after treatment plan. Minds only grow when they are surrounded by like or more wise minds.

Dr. Allen joined an extremely busy practice in 1999, where surgical orthodontics was nearly always primary amongst the presented options for skeletal discrepancies. He started treating 90-100 patients a day on his own five days into his career after graduating from residency. If you hang a shingle out, it takes you nearly 10 years to accumulate a patient population of this size, consequently, the experience follows the same time-line.

Charlotte and Lake Norman have some of the world’s best orthognathic surgeons. They have worked & trained amongst the best of the best and lecture throughout the world. When surgery has been an option in this millennium for Dr. Allen’s patients, he’s been able to refer with the utmost confidence unlike most orthodontists across the nation.