Takin’ Care of Business

After a relaxing holiday, we’re back at it and it’s business as usual at Marc Allen Orthodontics! We’re ready for the New Year, and we can’t wait to see what 2012 holds. After a few days off, we returned to work rested, relaxed, and most of us returned to work in one piece. Dr. Allen came back to work rested and relaxed, but not necessarily in one piece.

We have all broken a bone or sprained an ankle at some point in our lives, and we’ve all experienced and suffered through the healing process. For most, this tme period is slow and everything in our lives, ourselves included slows down. But for Dr. Allen… that is not the case! Despite a broken foot and thanks to advances in modern technology, Dr. Allen’s patient response time has actually decreased with this minor injury all thanks to his very own scooter. Dr. Allen can be found by day scooting across the office at high speeds and by night, Dr. Allen scoots from machine to machine at the gym. Broken foot or not, nothing’s going to slow down Dr. Allen!

Get well soon Dr. Allen and a very Happy New Year from all of us at Marc Allen Orthodontics!