Text Message Appointment Reminders for Patients

Everyone has trouble remembering all of the appointments in life; whether it is a hair appointment, an appointment for your pet, or an appointment to meet with friends, it can get hard to remember them all!

Dr. Allen is like the rest of us and needs help remembering all of his appointments too! So, Dr. Allen uses text message reminders, especially for his hair appointments. Most people like Dr. Allen keep their phones close to them throughout the day, making a text message reminder genius!

Marc Allen Orthodontics patients can get a reminder text for their next appointment too by signing up for the SMART TEXT program. The SMART TEXT sends text messages to patients cell phones to jog the memory of patients of upcoming appointments.

Do you want to sign up for your appointment reminder? It’s simple! Just go to the Marc Allen Orthodontics website at www.marcallenortho.com, click Navigation at the center top portion of the page, then click on Patient Login on the left side of the screen, log in, and click SMART TEXT to sign up! It’s so simple a baby could do it

If you have any questions, just ask one of your friends on the Marc Allen Orthodontics team!