The 3 Ages in All of Us

Did you know we all have 3 ages?

The three may not be synonymous. In other words, your daughter may have just celebrated her 7th birthday but her dental age may be 9 and her skeletal age could be 8. Differences in these 3 scales can positively or negatively affect an orthodontist’s clinical decision.

After his first 20 years of practice, my mentor of 12 years pressed this into my soul through patient after patient the need to consider all three ages all the time. I am grateful for this insight.

Active growth or assumed completion of growth can positively or negatively affect our decisions. I was able to treat from day one as if I had been in practice for 20 years without many wrong decisions. It was only through this mentoring that Marc Allen Orthodontics is able to give our orthodontic patients a diagnosis that is understood, not assumed.

It is with confidence and 15 years of humility that I give you the direction of choice.

All three ages are always measured and defined here at Marc Allen Orthodontics.