The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Legendary superheroes banding together to save civilization? Sounds like the American Association of Orthodontists.

In order to provide the best care for his patients at Marc Allen Orthodontics, Dr. Marc Allen knows he needs to partner with other great dentists, sharing the latest scientific findings and professional expertise. That’s where the American Association of Orthodontists comes in.

Dr. Allen has been a member of the AAO, America’s prestigious professional association of orthodontists, since 1997: with his bachelors and doctoral degrees in dental science from UNC and his post-doctoral degree from the University of Texas, he’s more than qualified. At AAO conventions, Dr. Allen and his colleagues discuss new dental technology, science, and ways to improve care for orthodontic patients. Great care is about great ideas.

The AAO has a practical side, too: it publishes lots of literature and resources to help patients decide what’s best for their teeth.

Check out the cool new series of AAO ads, now running on cable TV and select websites.

AAO TV Spot from Athorn Clark on Vimeo.