The Marc Allen Orthodontics Family Keeps Growing

Above:Kristen gives her baby girl, Drew, kisses. Kristen and her husband Cody also have 7 year-old twins named Addie and Ty

Marc Allen Orthodontics is proud to announce that we have a fully staffed office once more after welcoming two precious babies to the Marc Allen Orthodontics family this year.

Dr. Allen is no stranger to maternity leave. He has proudly welcomed almost twenty babies into his orthodontic family over the past twelve years.

Left: Baby Brody, son of Claudia and Kenny, is just one of the adorable recent additions to the Marc Allen Orthodontics family.

While Marc Allen Orthodontics appreciates having the entire team back in the office, Dr. Allen wants to thank all of the ladies who helped fill-in the gaps and provide all of our patients with memorable visits while some team members were out growing their families.

You may not believe this, but all of our stand-in ladies are actually past employees that are now raising their larger families but still give a little help to Marc Allen Orthodontics when needed.

Dawn and Cindy are two lovely ladies that have young families and have offered many hours to happily serve our patients. Dawn was with us for 6 years and Cindy was with us for 8 years.

In addition to welcoming babies to the Marc Allen Orthodontics family, we will be introducing a new full-time staff member soon that also has strong roots with the team, both personally and professionally. This addition of yet another highly qualified and seasoned orthodontic assistant will help uphold our office’s efficiency with patient appointment time.

Marc Allen Orthodontics’ promises to always serve every patient in a timely manner. Due to recent baby arrivals, we want to apologize for any unexpected delays in delivery of care during your recent visits to Marc Allen Orthodontics.