The Tooth Bone’s Connected to the Head Bone

“The tooth bone’s connected to the head bone, the head bone’s connected to the neck bone, the neck bone’s connected to the shoulder bone, the shoulder bone’s connected to the backbone…”

It’s all connected.

At Marc Allen Orthodontics, Dr. Allen knows that healthy teeth are just one part of a healthy body. He takes his health- and yours- seriously. Soon he’ll be headed back to the Carolina Spine and Sports for his next Fascial Manipulation appointment with Dr. Matthew J. Hargreaves.

Dr. Hargreaves, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) is Uptown Charlotte’s premier provider of chiropractic and soft-tissue treatment. He focuses on education and prevention, not just damage control, because he takes health seriously, too. “I want you to have all the knowledge of why you became injured, the treatment process, and how to prevent this damage from reoccurring”, says Dr. Hargreaves. “You will not become dependent on my care. This is my promise to you!”

Dr. Hargreaves’ preventative approach has worked great for Dr. Allen. Fascial Manipulation, a manual therapy technique developed in Italy, has kept Dr. Allen’s back pain-free for eight years in a row- and for somebody as active as Dr. Allen, that’s pretty amazing. Dr. Allen takes good care of himself so that he can take even better care of you. When his back feels great, he can maintain a healthier, happier relationship with each one of his patients at Marc Allen Orthodontics.

And that’s the most important connection of all.

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