What Do We Do After College Athletics?

Athletes will always possess the drive to compete, to conquer, and to be the best at what they do. For some of us, the platform changes but the passion doesn’t.

I’ve had the honor of admiring an amazing lady for the last decade. It’s not only her perfect smile, but also her world-renowned in-vitro surgical skills.

For someone who sees things daily through a 4mm wide lens on a microscope, Courtney’s hourly goals must include attention to detail, precision, and passion in life…ones dear to my heart. When the realization that “Athlete of the Year” and “All-American” status only impacts on paper and in your personal soul, we are all faced with how to encourage the hormonal boost and muscular endurance we grew up knowing.

Essentially, it’s the commitment to the same goals we once had on the playing field that motivates us to go to work, raise our children, and survive Interstate 77 every day.




The moral to the story: don’t deny yourself what once worked for you.

It doesn’t get any easier and you shouldn’t expect to “finally get there.” It just becomes more clear to the strong that positive mental preparation for the game of life is crucial for daily survival and success.

The world is proud of you and smiling back at you, Courtney!

Read more about Courtney Stephenson on the NCAA website.