You’re putting a screw in my head?!

Dr. Allen renovated his kitchen himself in 1999. He bought books and took Saturday classes at Home Depot and Lowes to learn about plumbing, electricity, ceramics, and framing. He went to great lengths to do it right, (we don’t think he pulled a permit though). He still lives in the same 1910 bungalow, since renovated yet again, but still using some of the same switches and plumbing everyday.

For over 5 years now, Dr. Allen has been closing residual spaces from congenitally missing teeth. Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS) revolutionized the diagnosis process at Marc Allen Orthodontics. As with his “plumbing degree”, he was certified in the placement and use of the TADS with Sybron Ormco’s version know as Vector TAS (Temporary Anchorage System). What was impossible to do or took “miracles” in the past can now be accomplished using this Gold Standard of treatment for specific mechanical challenges in orthodontics.

Marc Allen Orthodontics uses TADS to close large spaces, and really, to push anything in one direction. In traditional orthodontics, elastics, coils, and power-chains pull all their contact end points toward each other. In contrast, you’ll often hear Dr. Allen call TADS boat anchors. Every bit of energy you hook to a TAD translates into a predictable vector of movement, like you’re pulling your boat in toward the anchor.

“I love using TADS for the impossible. I begin every patient diagnosis with the thought ‘what can a TAD do for us’? I’ve corrected slanted smiles, open bites, missing teeth, adult crossbites, overerupted teeth, undererupted teeth, midline discrepancies, and many other complications. Ten years ago, I would have had zero options to correct most of these without surgery.”

Dr. Allen places almost all the TADS himself and uses lasers to assist in their maintenance. Moreover, local anesthetic is used to ease the placement for the patient. TADS are removed in the office with little to no discomfort. No trace of their placement is seen weeks later.

One more way you can rest knowing the best is being offered. You’ve chosen the right place with Marc Allen Orthodontics.