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•   Finishes all patients with permanent retainers & full occlusal adjustments

•   Loves treating children and adults

•   Dedicated Dad to two girls and husband to a wonderful wife!

•   Favorite TV shows growing up: Dukes of Hazard, 6 Million Dollar Man, The A Team, Land of the Lost, and now, The Good Wife and Chicago PD & Fire

•   Relates with "why me" growing up in Gastonia, Raleigh, Hickory, Lancaster, Kershaw, Spartanburg

•   8 years UNC-Chapel Hill with Bachelors in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude,

•   Letters of recommendation into orthodontics from Dr. William Proffit, the "Godfather" of Orthodontics, Dr. Gunvor Semb, Department Chair of Orthodontics, Oslo, Norway, and Dr. Tim Wright, past Department Chair of UNC Pediatrics

•   Chapel Hill Undergraduate Thesis: Evolution vs. Creationism - a Christian's struggle

•   Played guitar for Young Life in High school

•   Once a YMCA camp counselor

•   Phi Beta Kappa

•   Sigma Chi Fraternity; Scholarship Chairman

•   Plays guitar, piano, recorder, trumpet, and whatever else isn't taken

•   Raced BMX at the hornet's nest in Charlotte growing up

•   Two years University of Texas Orthodontics - 1st Recipient of the Outstanding Senior Resident Award

•   Masters of Science Degree in Craniofacial Anomolies and Dentofacial-Orthopedics

•   2 years additional study at The Roth Center of Functional Occlusion and Adult Orthodontics

•   Published in peer reviewed orthodontic journal

•   5 marathons with PR 3:16

•   Southwestern Company Award for Persistence

•   Been known to sing on stage at age 10 for his school and with Jewel at age 35...neither invited him back

•   4 years on The Charlotte Dental Society Board of Directors, Treasurer & Secretary

•   Built and sold half/full U-Pipes for BMX trick ramping growing up

•   Worked with the Indian Health Service, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Shiprock, NM

•   Cleft Lip & Palate Studies at The University of Manchester, UK

•   What he'd be if things were different:  Stephen Witch Boss

•   Dentist volunteer in Mexico City & Child Orphanage, Miacatlan, Mexico

•   14 years of clinical practice with emphasis on interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment planning

•   Was on a knee scooter for 14 months as an orthodontist.

•   Favorite automobile:  Defender 90

•   Tore all ligaments and muscles holding the left thumb on while break dancing on stage with full-size Abby Cadabby & Elmo at a Sesame Street Camp -maintains 100% function of his left thumb & hand through dedicated rehab

•   Mentoring & Study Club with Graduates of Pankey & Dawson & Spear Advanced Dental Program for 14 years

•   3-form International Design Contest Award Winner for home design

•   10 year Make-A-Wish Foundation Donor & Supporter

•   One of his Favorite quotes - Albert Einstein....."if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

•   Walked on the Grammy red carpet with Herbie Hancock & Usher, John Legend  & Terry Hatcher - he sat and watched himself over and over on the E channel for the following 2 weeks

•   Started a recycling business in High School with local industry enabling the purchase of his first car, Porsche 914

•   Dr. Allen is taller than Ryan Seacrest

•   14 years nominated Top Dentist

•   Inaugural Top 50 Orthodontists in America

•   Wedding song....Love will keep us alive

•   Continuing Education in General and Interdisciplinary dental care with Frank Spear Study Clubs

•   2nd Orthodontist in the World to be Gold Certified in Ecodentistry

•   Leed Architectural Design Award Recipient

•   2014 Continuing Education planned with more Spear Study Club, another visit to the Arnett & Gunson Facial Reconstruction lecture series, including more profile treatment planning, TMJ management, and facial asymmetry treatment goals, refinement of occlusal equilibrations and 3D virtual treatment planning.

•   Can cross-stitch, fence (kinda), and loves sunglasses

•   Life long learner.....oh and we haven't used a headgear in 10 years...LOL!


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