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I walk to the beat of a different drummer

I walk to the beat of a different drummer.  

Should I be like everyone else, i.e. “the norm", or should they all be like me: ALL-IN for the best YOU can be? 

During my first decade of practice, I was heavily influenced (but never bought in) to the practice philosophy: 

"2 years of treatment equals done! No matter what…take the braces off”

I see this everyday with my transfers from around the corner to around the country.  According to practice consultants, for Orthodontists to be productive 2 years must be the turn-around time. Biology also dictates that most treatment can be finished within this time frame, but what is the definition of done?

Just today, a patient transferring in with braces was informed they had only two months left in treatment for an ideal finish.  The orthodontist that had already finished two other family members wanted to remove the braces prior to the change but she insisted on achieving his additional 2-month recommendation, for 24 months total.

After a comprehensive exam, the patient revealed some concerns previously dismissed elsewhere. Now with newfound awareness unveiled by MAO, she is also “ALL-IN” on finishing the MAO way: when they’re done with all options exhausted and the patient’s natural beauty is maximized. 

“Should I take braces off because the prom is coming up?” you may ask, but should you consider it because your 14 year old is yelling at you about it, or because I told you 2 years?  

I chose to be an orthodontist for my benefit first.  Never having braces before 2 years ago, having never set foot in an orthodontist’s office prior to my own first office, and more importantly not having a clue what kind of money orthodontists make, it has always been about:

1.  Not getting fired

2.  And looking at my work and saying, "WOW, I DID THAT, IT’S PERFECT.”

My patient’s ego comes second in this quest.  I create goals according to your wishes, and then I get started on my path of immense personal satisfaction. You can look at my world, ask my local high school friends, ask my 15 years of patients in the area, ask my UNC dental school professors, my Texas professors, dentists & doctors throughout charlotte and lake Norman (except for 2 that just don’t get it) and you will repeatedly hear: Marc does things his way, he keeps you in braces sometimes a long time, he is intense, but he treated my kids and if anyone can fix it, Marc can.  

I’m ecstatic to know everyone knows that not one person is created equal, not one face is the same, and not one list of problems is the same for every individual.  I am a fixer, not a Band-Aid.  I love my job.  Remember what you hired me to do and what you originally wanted for yourself or your children: the best you could give them or yourself.  You deserve someone on your side, not on their clock. 


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