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Smiles should look good, fit good, and feel good

“Smiles should look good, fit good, and feel good.” 

Smiles that “look good” are never a guarantee to “fit good” or “look good.”  Smiles that “feel good” most often “fit good”.   Teeth that “fit good” is not a finding amongst orthodontic finishes throughout the orthodontic community.   It seems logical to expect, however, oftentimes orthodontists count on the teeth “settling” into position rather than being put in the ideal spot, not allowing any settling to occur.   The “fit good” class in the UNC dental school is 1 hour a week for 1 semester and is the hardest class at UNC.  It is not uncommon to see a 20 point curve on the posted grading sheet.   The “fit good” class should be called


The creation & maintenance of the “good fit” is achieved through a process called equilibration.   Equilibration is the art of changing the shapes of teeth.  This allows for all the forces of occlusion to be directed along the long axis of teeth and for the function of teeth to follow certain patterns in different jaw movements providing a protective bite that attempts to prevent breakage, excessive wear, gum/bone loss, and joint pain.  

I spent an EXTRA TWO YEARS AFTER residency and my Master’s in Craniofacial Anomalies studying occlusion and it’s impact on the person.  There are only 3 orthodontists in North Carolina that completed this comprehensive course in San Francisco (tough place to have to learn new stuff).  I have continued my studies during the last 15 years taking dentists’ courses through a well-respected dental Mecca known as the Spear Center for Dentistry with fellow dental graduates of two other general dentist higher education centers known as the Pankey Center and the Dawson Center.    By learning what dentists learn at continuing education courses after dental school (at the cost of a few new Mercedes) I have prepared myself to not only know what dentists know, but more importantly for me, to provide dentists what they need to finish, support, and maintain an ideally finished case.   Often, my finishes are “set-ups” for dentistry to be delivered in the future for a patient.  This interdisciplinary skill is priceless for referring dentists and is especially important to ensure the confidence of patients. 

I want your investment to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment.   You deserve to have your chosen orthodontist fully educated well beyond dental school, well beyond orthodontic school, well beyond the guy down the street, and without the need for “on-the-job training.”  

Children deserve to be treated RIGHT the first time.

Adults deserve the same or to be FIXED the RIGHT WAY THIS time.

Marc Allen Orthodontics is a secure, educated decision.   

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