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We are PROUD members of the Grand Oak Elementary Family!

When you get home from work, you hug, you kiss, you throw the baseball, you drop the kids off at practice, you grab a cup of coffee, you honk at the swerving texter, you call your family, you answer a few math problems that seem from another planet, you brush your kid’s hair, find their shoe, pick up a sock….


Somehow, MAO always finds time to do more because Dr. Allen is passionate about giving back.  His past experience with books concerning  “givers and takers” have motivated him to do more when the communication is clear and the receiver is thankful.   It is possible to give back to the community and to reap the benefits.  It is important to include yourself in ways that are true to your beliefs to ensure desired interpretations and reinforced confidence from the community.


EDUCATION is one of the ingredients that is most often associated with successful people.  With 12 additional years of higher education completed, we are confident our Mentor’s heart is full of faith in the books.  Back in the day when Dr. Allen attended school in Gastonia, he always studied hard, maybe making him a bit of a nerd, but that got him to where he is today; a successful orthodontist. Today, he wishes the best of success to all students. That is why Marc Allen Orthodontics invests time, spirit, and money in the community schools. 


Our latest endeavor took us to GRAND OAK ELEMENTARY where the Principal, Ray Giovanelli, honors a student each month for their dedication to demonstrating excellence.  We are proud to be part of this great effort to highlight the qualities that can be found in a great pupil: respect, responsibility, collaboration, honesty, caring, leadership, citizenship, risk-taking, and perseverance amongst classmates and teachers. 

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