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What's COOL?

What's COOL? As you know, the definition changes within the blink of a fighter pilot's 15/15 VISION eyesight.  What you can't argue with is TALENT and PROOF. Athletes PROVE their skills through PERFORMANCE. Actors prove their MEMORY & CREATIVITY on stage. FIRST PLACE FINISHES are the goals of all NASCAR drivers. Orthodontists don't really get awards, medals, or ribbons unless they buy them from Sally Struthers or buy leftover, framed items from Michaels. COOL is Eliana's TIMELESS pair of Chuck Taylors ...signed by COMFORT Fedoke, "TWITCH" BOSS,  Syrus Spencer, "Hok" Konishi and others from So You Think You Can Dance.

 COOL is DR. ALLEN and his OFFICE STAFF, along with his 15/15 VISION & 15 YEARS OF TALENT in Huntersville.  Dr. Allen has been PROVING HIS PERFORMANCE on multiple child families, generation after generation.  By using his MEMORY AND CREATIVITY, Dr. Allen has created the most stable FINISHES possible in orthodontics to ensure you and/or your family's smiles will place you in FIRST PLACE. Dr. Allen ensures the ULTIMATE in technology and precision, using Invisalign and braces so that your smile is not only TIMELESS but also provides our patients with the highest level of COMFORT.

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