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The beautiful smile that Dr. Allen and his staff have given!

Senior year is never easy for the students or the parents. There are so many things to plan and get ready for. The first major task was senior pictures. After seeing all the proofs from my daughter’s senior pictures I was so happy…not only because they ALL came out so pretty, but the big, beautiful smile that Dr. Allen and his staff have given here was well worth the time. Even my daughter was happy with the pictures and any parent of a teenage daughter knows that is an accomplishment. Our experience with Dr. Allen was so awesome that after putting two children through braces and seeing the amazing smiles he’s given them I’m now in braces myself.

– Elaina Matthews and her daughter Lauren Matthews

I could tell Dr. Allen really cared!

When Dr. Allen first looked at my smile, he asked what type of orthodontic treatment I had received. I told him I had braces and jaw surgery 6 months prior to meeting him in 2011. He then looked at me and said, “let me finish your treatment the way it’s supposed to be finished.” Without knowing what exactly he meant, I said ok. I just knew something wasn’t perfect in my smile and that my teeth didn’t feel like I’d ever forget about how they were supposed to fit together. I could tell he really cared that I had the best possible finish in my smile. Shortly after that first encounter, I was in braces again, free of charge, for another year, finishing my smile orthodontically. I got my braces off right before my first child for the second time, this time, it was WOW! My teeth fit together like a pair of baby booties on baby feet…perfect. They are brighter, fuller, smoother, and more of a no brainer for my busy life with almost two babies now than I could ever imagine. Thank you Dr. Allen for making a difference in the profession and in my life!

– Sincerely, Dawn

Dr. Allen gave us the perfect smile!

“Dr. Allen has given us the perfect smile we had hoped for.  He is a tremendously gifted doctor that combines medical knowledge and practice with dental artistry to produce results that get noticed.  Both our oral surgeon and dentist have been impressed with Dr. Allen’s work after seeing our results.  Now my entire family sees Dr. Allen.  I recommend him every chance I get to adults and kids alike who want to straighten their smile and improve their over all dental alignment.”

– Holly & Scott Goodman

I’m so happy I found Dr. Allen’s office!

It’s hard trying to decide which orthodontist office is worthy of taking your large chunk of money and I’m so happy I found Dr. Allen’s office. The office itself is nice and new with a modern design. The waiting area is pretty comfortable with a couple of giant flat screen TVs mounted to the walls. The staff is all great and super friendly. The receptionist is so organized and great at working you in for emergencies if necessary. Dr. Allen is very meticulous and I could tell he put a lot of thought into each step of the process. When I had the braces on it was probably annoying how much of a perfectionist he is because it usually means the braces are staying on a little longer. But I can easily see a difference between my finished smile and those that come from other orthodontists. I originally started with a different orthodontist but switched to Dr. Allen when I wasn’t receiving the care and attention I felt I deserved. I’m so glad I made the switch because Dr. Allen is great! I can tell when I look around his office that all of his other patients love him too. I highly recommend him if you want the best smile you can have.

– Megan P.

Thank you Dr. Allen for a beautiful smile.

My daughter, Allysa, had actually been seeing another orthodontist in the area twice a year for 2 years in preparation for getting braces. We decided we needed a second opinion and made an appointment with Dr. Allen.  WOW, what a difference!  His level of knowledge was obvious right away.  His initial exam was more thorough than anything we had experienced previously.  Right away we knew we had made the right decision.  Dr. Allen has a way with his patients that really puts them at ease and makes them feel comfortable, my daughter loved him!  His entire team is friendly and knowledgably.  We could not have asked for a better experience.  Her smile is beautiful and her confidence radiates in her new appearance.

– Rebecca Shipman

Making a difference in the lives of others.

Abby is beaming with happiness about her new smile!! She loves her teeth and tells me how grateful she feels to have been able to go to the same orthodontist as her big sister because you were so nice and made her smile perfect!! Her teeth are beautiful, her smile is beautiful and she fell in love with you and your team! I use to have to make Abby smile when we took pictures but you should have seen her Homecoming night! She was all smiles and I can’t wait to share the photo’s with you. Her self confidence has shot through the roof and it’s not only because she loves her new smile but because of how you all made her feel about herself over the last 18 months of treatment. It’s not easy being a teenager and you and your team make these kids feel special, always take time to talk with them and care about how they are doing. I’m sure you hear this all the time but I wanted to let you know that you have a very unique practice and it all starts with YOU! Your engaging, enthusiastic, super sweet and have a compassion for excellence. Most importantly you care not only about the children you are treating but about the entire family! Your achieving far more than great smiles, your helping these adolescent children with their self confidence, befriending them, and making them feel special each time they come into your office. We feel so fortunate and blessed that we found you and your practice. You have made such a positive impact on my girls and me! Your a delight and your gifts go far beyond orthodontics! Your truly making a difference in the lives of others and we appreciate you!

– Cathy Tobias