Sterilization and Swimming

Marc Allen Orthodontics of Huntersville is dedicated to providing the best and cleanest environment for each and every patient. We sterilize all surfaces like the dental chair, dental light, drawer handles, and countertops after each patient.

The Marc Allen Orthodontics staff makes sure everything is as clean as a whistle with weekly spore monitoring and testing of equipment through UNC Chapel Hill’s pathology department.

Infection control procedures and precautions are taken in orthodontics offices to prevent the spread of disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works with the ADA to provide special sterilization recommendations for dental offices like Marc Allen Orthodontics.

The Marc Allen Orthodontics staff use the appropriate and required protective garb such as gloves, masks, gowns, and/or eyewear. In addition to the dental staff’s protective items, non-disposable items like the dental tools or hand pieces are cleaned and sterilized between patients. Sterilization and other infection control precautions take place before your dental visit and usually occur in a separate room called the sterilization room. Below, one of Dr. Allen’s patient’s, Nicki Mitchell and Dr. Allen are in the office’s sterilization room.

Marc Allen Orthodontics uses steam sterilization for all instruments and dry-heat sterilization for all of the hand pieces.

Dry-heat sterilization or unwrapped instruments are stored on racks in an autoclave until their use for fast and easy access. Dry-heat sterilization uses high temperatures to achieve sterilization of instruments. To the left of Nicki, a member of the Northstone Gators Swim Team, and Dr. Allen is the office’s autoclave.

The Marc Allen Orthodontics team stays up to date on any changes from the CDC and regional sterilization guidelines to ensure the optimal sterilization for all instruments and equipment.

Dr. Allen also wants to congratulate the 2012 Northstone Gators Swim Team for kicking butt in this year’s Championship Swim Meet. Check out the awesome trophy that Nicki won! Good job girl!