And the Winner is…

Drumroll! Dr. Marc Allen just received the AAAA.

What’s that? The All-Around Awesome Award, of course!

See, not only is Dr. Allen winning accolades for his great work at Marc Allen Orthodontics (he’s been nominated one of Charlotte Magazine’s Top Dentists every year since 2007 and published in the American Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and the Journal of Dental Research), but now he’s getting recognized for his superb design sense, too.

Dr. Allen’s snappy recent full-page ad and his clever website, dreamed up by Pinckney Marketing and Atypic Web Design, have just garnered him two ADDY awards- the “gold standard” for competitive advertisers. The ADDY contest, which receives over 50,000 entries annually, is the world’s largest (and coolest) advertising competition.

If you win, you’re awesome and get a trophy. And we all know Dr. Allen is awesome.

Swing by Marc Allen Orthodontics and see what he can do for your smile. You can be rest assured they’ll look as great as the AAAAAA (Allen’s All-Around Awesome Addy-winning Ad).