Black Sheep + Marc Allen = Mind Blowing Skate Board Design

Marc Allen is teaming up with Black Sheep, a skate shop located in Charlotte’s Historic Southend, to get a skateboard designed and sponsored for the Marc Allen Orthodontics office.

Marc Allen knows a lot of people in the Charlotte and Huntersville area, and now Dr. Allen is joining the crew at Black Sheep. Dr. Allen and his brother even used to “hang & ride” with one of the early developers of the icon back in their Gastonia days.

Check out Black Sheep’s video, featuring the Black Sheep Owner, Josh Frasier.

“The name Black Sheep represents someone that is free thinking, does his/ her own thing, and stands out in the crowd,” says Mr. Frasier. “We chose the name because we wanted to celebrate the individuality, independent spirit, and creativity that skateboarding encompasses.” Sounds like a doctor we all know and love.

Black Sheep’s motto is “Esse Quam Videri.” The official state motto of North Carolina is a Latin phrase that means “To Be, Rather Than To Seem.” Dr. Moody and Dr. Wick Alexander of Arlington, Texas, two of Dr. Allen’s mentors, used to tell him he should adopt this as his own. Guess they saw the writing “on the wall.”


Black Sheep officially opened in 2003. According to the Black Sheep website, “Black Sheep was established to celebrate the art, music, fashion, creativity, style, and friendships that skateboarding provides. We sell skateboards and sneakers, but the shop is also dedicated to fostering all of these broader cultural aspects.”

For more information about Black Sheep Skate Shop, visit Stay tuned for more information about Marc Allen Orthodontics custom skateboard design gratis Black Sheep.