Marc Allen Orthodontics is LEEDing The Way

Did you know that Marc Allen Orthodontics is LEED Certified? Dr. Allen and his staff are proud to announce that Marc Allen Orthodontics is the only orthodontics office with LEED certification!

Marc Allen Orthodontics was awarded their LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Certification because Dr. Allen and his staff have worked hard to construct a sustainable eco-friendly office by performing practices to save water and energy.

“Going green is an important step for a business to strive toward. We reached for the stars and achieved a LEED certification,” said Dr. Marc Allen.

In addition to LEED certification, ‘Going green’ lowers operating costs, reduces waste sent to landfills, conserves energy and water, and reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Marc Allen Orthodontics hopes to inspire patients and other businesses in the Huntersville area to convert to eco-friendly buildings and become LEED Certified. It is everyone’s job to take care of our planet. Are you doing your part?

Recycling and turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth are two little things that you can do at home to make a big difference!