Traumatic Occlusion

Traumatic occlusion is when teeth hit teeth too hard. This permanently decreases bone levels, changes gum levels, and leads to cracked teeth.

It is the orthodontist’s responsibility to ensure there is no post treatment traumatic occlusion present when a patient gets their braces off. When they fail to adjust the occlusion and manage the function, things fail.

This x-ray is a local dentist’s teeth. The dentist had his braces removed with the front teeth biting down on each other in the front too hard.

By the time we got to re-treating his hometown orthodontist’s handiwork, it was too late to avoid a lot of dentistry.

After this round of braces and alignment with MAO, we anticipate a crown, 2 front teeth to be removed, 8 crowns and veneers, and 2 implants.

With this, Dr. DDS will have a stable, supportive, fully functional occlusion. It’s unfortunate this complication can even happen to dentists.

Choose orthodontic care wisely!